Senior Fellows Program

Started in 2003, the Senior Fellows Program gives established faculty from other universities the opportunity to do short-term, onsite, interdisciplinary research with other Beckman Institute researchers. Participation in the Senior Fellows Program is by invitation from the Beckman Institute. Usually Senior Fellows have previous ties to Beckman researchers and stay for a period of three to six months.

Beckman Senior Fellows have included:

2017: Nelson Cowan
The Curators Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia collaborated with Gabriele Gratton and Monica Fabiani of the Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Group on working memory.

2016: Frini Karayanidis
An associate professor of psychology from the University of Newcastle in Australia, Karayanidis collaborated with Gabriele Gratton and Monica Fabiani of the Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Group to look at how cognitive control varies as we age.

2015: Christophe Chipot
Chipot is the research director at National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France and the co-director of the Associate International Laboratory between CNRS and the University of Illinois. At the Beckman Institute he works with Klaus Schulten, director of the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group, co-director of the Associate International Laboratory.

2014: Daniel A. King
King, assistant professor of physics at Eastern Mennonite University, worked with William O’Brien, of Beckman’s Bioacoustics Research Laboratory, to study better modeling of nonlinear UCA dynamics.

2013: Kirk Erickson
Assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, Erickson investigates links between obesity and cognitive health.

2012: Lisa Frank
Frank, a photographic artist and lecturer in the Design Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, collaborated with the Illinois Simulator Lab to develop a three-dimensional art exhibit that was optimized for the six-sided CAVE environment.

2011: Jong Chul Ye
Ye, from the Dept. of Bio/Brain Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), investigated compressed sensing research activities on dynamic MR imaging of time-varying objects, and fMRI analysis.

2007: Nadja Schott
A sports psychologist, Schott looks at motor imagery as a tool in the rehabilitation of older adults, the relationship between aging, fitness and neurocognitive functions, and on the development of motor abilities and motor skills in children with developmental coordination disorder.

2006: Dimitris C. Lagoudas and Gerald Penn
Director of the Texas Institute for Intelligent Bio-Nano Materials and Structures for Aerospace Vehicles (TiiMS), Lagoudas collaborated with AMS group members Scott White, Nancy Sottos, Ioanis Chasiotis, and Jeff Moore, as well as M&ENS faculty members Paul Braun and Narayana Aluru.

Penn, associate professor in Computer Science, University of Toronto, collaborated with full-time Beckman faculty member Richard Sproat, a professor in both the Departments of Linguistics and Electrical and Computer Engineering. The focus of their collaboration was on formal approaches to the analysis of writing systems.

2002: Jan Theeuweswith
Theeuews, professor and head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, worked with Art Kramer and his colleagues on a variety of projects including research on eye movement control and attention, research on scene perception and representation, and research on driving and distraction.