Mission and core values

Mission and core values

Mission statement

A better world through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation

The Beckman Institute is a community of scholars and a physical space to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, inspire bold scientific risk-taking, and nurture new ideas and discoveries. The institute was founded to reduce barriers between traditional science and technology disciplines in order to yield research advances that otherwise would not occur. Beckman community members accomplish this mission by adhering to our core values.


The Beckman Institute's core values

Combine them using the acronym EXCITED.


We aim to do the best work in our field. We develop and employ cutting-edge methodologies and instruments, and invest in state-of-the-art facilities.


We celebrate dedicated and supportive colleagues, great mentors, and visionary role models. We openly share knowledge, data, expertise, and resources. We trust, and we are trustworthy. We respectfully embrace different perspectives as we pursue common goals. We support and develop junior scholars to be future leaders. We are committed to enhancing serendipitous interaction and mutual learning.


We uphold the highest standards of professional integrity in the work we do. We value ethics, transparency, and honesty in our research. We respect each other.


We bridge, blend, and create disciplines. We are open-minded. We engage in improbable conversations. Together, we solve problems that transcend individual disciplines.


We redefine frontiers and break barriers. We attack grand challenges with imagination, curiosity, and creativity. We fearlessly try things that have not been tried.


We respect differences of thought, culture, and identity. We value different ways of learning, different ways of knowing, and different mindsets.