Become a Beckman faculty member

Become a Beckman faculty member

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The Beckman Institute is the home of collaborative research on a variety of topics related to science and technology. It offers space, core research facilities and staff support for administrative tasks such as proposal development, grant processing, visa processing, IT support, and more. Faculty members thrive on bringing together different disciplines to create new ideas.

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Collaborators pose in front of the Beckman Biomedical Imaging Center's microPET/SPECT/CT scanner.

The process for Beckman Institute faculty appointments

Are you a University of Illinois faculty member interested in joining Beckman?

Start the process in three different ways:

  • Ask to join
  • Be invited by one of your faculty collaborators
  • Be invited by Beckman

The Beckman Institute director will ask Beckman's Executive Committee if you are a good fit. Then, the director will ask your unit head for approval. The director then offers you a a zero-time, unpaid,  renewable annual appointment. Once you accept the offer, you’re in!

Psychology Professor Dan Simons and educational psychology Professor Liz Stine-Morrow pose for a photo.

What it means to be a Beckman Institute faculty member

Beckman faculty members are expected to follow Beckman’s mission and core values. They’re evaluated on:

  • research productivity, excellence, funding
  • record of collaboration

They should:

  • list the Beckman Institute as an affiliated organization in publications and presentations
  • acknowledge the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation on publications co-authored with a Beckman Institute Graduate Fellow or Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • mention Beckman in news releases about work conducted at the institute

Three levels of membership at Beckman

  • Full-time faculty members conduct all their research within Beckman
  • Part-time faculty members conduct some research at Beckman
  • Affiliate faculty members, whose interests complement Beckman’s research, but who conduct their research elsewhere on campus

The Beckman Institute is a dynamic place, and one thing that sets it apart is its flexibility in its faculty members. All University of Illinois faculty members have a home unit on campus.

Group meets at the Beckman Café

Grant processing at Beckman

Faculty members are encouraged to run their multidisciplinary grants through the Beckman Institute Business Office, as long as a majority of the proposed research will be conducted at Beckman. Doing so earns Beckman a portion of facilities and administration cost recovery, and does not change the amount of F&A returned to the faculty member’s home unit.

Read the grant proposal FAQ

Elements of good standing

Requirements for a faculty member to be in good standing at the Beckman Institute include several areas of activity and achievement, including acknowledging the Beckman Institute and its core facilities (when appropriate) in your published research. Review Beckman Institute policies for more information.

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