Business Office

Business Office

Fueling research at Beckman

The Beckman Business Office is made up of a grants team and a finance team. Learn more about how the teams work and how they help with the administrative side of research at Beckman.


Beckman Grants Team

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The grants team manages financial and accounting functions for all grant funding

Assists faculty with proposal submissions for external funding:

  • Builds budgets based on project needs per the faculty
  • Provides guidance on what is needed for the application
  • Assists PI/supports staff in compiling the application as needed
  • Reviews completed applications for compliance with sponsor guidelines and university policy
  • Works with Sponsored Programs Administration, or SPA, through a final review of the application prior to submission to the sponsor

Manages all aspects of externally funded grants, contracts, and other agreements:

  • Complies with sponsor, university, and federal requirements
    • Scientific and financial reporting
    • Expenses are allowable, allocable, and reasonable
  • Provides financial management and planning (procurement, reimbursements, personnel appointments)
  • Assists faculty and staff with purchasing and payments when using grant funds
    • Submits BANNER requisitions
    • Resolves invoice payments to vendors
    • Oversees human subject payments
    • Processes student awards and payments

    Read our proposal FAQ

Roles and responsibilities for Beckman proposal and post award management

Faculty members, support staff members, and members of Beckman’s grants team share responsibilities. Read more about them.

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Beckman Finance Team

Manages financial and accounting functions for all non-grant funding

Assists faculty and staff with purchasing:

  • Issues and oversee P-Cards and T-Cards for Beckman employees
  • Processes contracts
  • Submits BANNER requisitions

Provides guidance on payments:

  • Resolves invoice payments to vendors
  • Oversees human subject payments
  • Processes student awards and payments

Supports Beckman service centers (Biomedical Imaging Center, Microscopy Suite, Visualization Lab):

  • Reviews and re-calculates
  • Beckman service center rates
  • Processes monthly billing for both internal and external customers
  • Submits year-end fact sheets to appropriately account for revenue and expenditures
  • Completes daily deposits for and annual inventory of the Beckman Café

Provides financial management and planning:

  • Reviews and reconciles transactions (procurement, reimbursements, personnel appointments) for compliance with university policy
  • Advises faculty and staff on whether expenses are allowable, allocable, and reasonable

Beckman Accounting and Reporting System

The Beckman Accounting and Reporting System, or BARS,  is Beckman’s financial shadow system that is available to all faculty, researchers, and postdoctoral research associates who have funding at the Beckman Institute.

Log into BARS with your netID and password to review your monthly financial statements, to see expenditure details, or to learn who to contact with questions or concerns. Reports include transaction information through yesterday’s close of business. Use these step-by-step instructions (which download as a Word Document) or contact the Beckman Grants or Finance Teams for assistance.


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Organizational structure

Lanata Rice

Lanata Rice Assistant Director of Research Administration

Anita Boone's directory photo.

Anita Boone Grants and Contracts Coordinator

Teresa Maddock's directory photo.

Teresa Maddock Grants and Contracts Specialist

Hollis Wildermuth's directory photo.

Hollis Wildermuth Business/Administrative Associate

Cody Mayfield

Cody Mayfield Assistant Director of Finance

Sandra Ivy's directory photo.

Sandra Ivy Finance Specialist