Research images

Research images

The art of innovation

Science is beautiful.

Every day, researchers at the Beckman Institute use its core facilities to conduct barrier-breaking research. They also generate stunning scientific images along the way. Click on each image to learn more.

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Beckman Institute Research Image Contest

Each spring, Beckman hosts a research image contest that encourages researchers to submit images captured while conducting research. The contest includes categories for undergraduates (pictured: Rachel Tham, 2020 winner in this category), graduates, postdoctoral or staff researchers, and faculty members.

Members of the Beckman community are invited to enter, as are those who work outside Beckman but have used the institute's core facilities, like the Biomedical Imaging Center or Imaging Technology Group, to capture images.

Leaders of those facilities, as well as the Beckman director and its new media design specialist, serve as blind judges. The selected images are framed and hung for a year in the Director's Conference Room within the Beckman administrative suite.

After that year, they're hung around the halls of the Beckman Institute.

Beckman researchers should watch their email and the Beckman Bulletin each spring for information about the contest. Questions can be directed to the Communications Office.

The stories below highlight previous winners.