Senior Fellows Program

Senior Fellows Program

The Senior Fellows Program brings established faculty from other universities and researchers of equivalent rank from national laboratories to the Beckman Institute. It offers the opportunity to do short-term, onsite, interdisciplinary research with Beckman Institute researchers. Applications are open twice per year, and up to four Senior Fellows will be chosen each year.


About the program

Application and selection timeline

Beckman faculty members can apply to sponsor a Senior Fellow. Submission deadlines are March 15 and Oct. 15 each year. Decisions will be made by April 1 and Nov. 1, respectively. The Beckman Institute Director and Associate Director for Research evaluate applications twice annually.

Benefits to Senior Fellows

  • A private Beckman Institute office for a stay of up to one full semester/summer
  • Up to $5,000 for local expenses (e.g., lodging, per diem as a reimbursement) and/or research supplies or Beckman Institute services (for example, MRI scan time). Travel must be paid for by the applicant or faculty sponsor.

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominator must be a full- or part-time Beckman faculty member.
  • The nominator may sponsor one senior fellow per year.
  • The plan of work must be performed at the Beckman Institute.

Application materials required

  1. Beckman faculty member sponsor/collaborator
  2. Name of Beckman Senior Fellow applicant and contact details
  3. Proposed dates of Beckman Institute visit
  4. Detailed description of proposed collaborative work and expected impact of the collaboration (no more than 750 words). Proposals should describe:
    • Research project or problem and methodology the fellow will work on
    • Timeline (i.e., how do they plan to accomplish their goal during the visit)
    • Expected outcomes (for example, formulate a new problem, finalize a paper, learn about a specific methodology)
  5. Budget and budget justification (up to 1 page text)
  6. Applicant’s CV

Previous Senior Fellows

2017 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Nelson Cowan

2016 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Frini Karayanidis

2015 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Christophe Chipot

2014 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Daniel A. King

2013 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Kirk Erickson

2012 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Lisa Frank

2011 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Jong Chul Ye

2007 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Nadja Schott

2006 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Dimitris C. Lagoudas and Gerald Penn

2002 Beckman Senior Fellows

  • Jan Theeuweswith