Quantum Rhapsodies, a live performance exploring quantum physics and its role in our universe

Join us for the premiere of Quantum Rhapsodies the evening of Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. Reception at 5 p.m., performance at 6 p.m., meet and greet with the creators at 7 p.m. The live performance features narrative, music, and visuals. It features the Jupiter String Quartet in collaboration with creator and physicist Smitha Vishveshwara, Beckman Institute researchers and visualization experts, Protagonist Pizza Productions, theater-maker Latrelle Bright, the students of PHYS 498 ART, and more. The performance is part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Beckman Institute. Free to the public. For more information, please visit www.beckman.illinois.edu
  • Date Added:   03/11/19
  • Author:   BeckmanInstitute
  • Length:   00:01:13
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