Molecular Design and Engineering

Building new molecular materials

The Molecular Design and Engineering Group builds new materials with defined structures and unique chemical, physical, or electronic properties. 

Ultrathin sections of a polymer composite material floated on water.
Double Helix SWCNT Fiber

The team focuses on creating precisely defined molecules and studying their interactions to better understand and control new properties at the macroscopic scale, from individual molecules to supramolecular assemblies and larger structures such as colloids, vesicles, gels, or condensed phases.

A picture of a screen showing genes and a double-helix structure.
Group members are pioneering new methods in automated chemical synthesis for materials discovery in applications, including mass and ion separations, energy storage and transport, and information processing. Researchers aim to understand how complexity in synthetic systems arises and how new materials can be created through these interactions.
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Group leader

  • Charles Schroeder

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