Beckman policies for faculty members

Beckman policies for faculty members

Elements of good standing

Beckman Institute faculty members must meet specific requirements in order to remain in good standing and have a faculty appointment renewed.


Good standing at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology entails:

  • Research productivity (papers and patents/licenses)
  • Research excellence (honors and awards)
  • Research funding (productivity per square footage assigned at the Beckman Institute)
  • A strong record of collaboration that includes:
    • Having a regular presence at the institute
    • Publishing research that is co-authored with Beckman faculty
    • Submitting collaborative grants through Beckman for work done at the institute, with the general expectation that full-time members will have 50-100% of their sponsored research activity administered by the institute, and part-time members will have more than 25% of their sponsored research activity run through the institute. Collaborative grants administered by the institute are defined as grant proposals that are (1) multi-investigator teams that involve at least two different home departments and (2) submitted through the Beckman Institute grants office
  • Listing the Beckman Institute as an affiliated organization in publications and/or presentations in which a portion of the work presented was done at the institute and/or in its shared facilities