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Student Researcher of the Week: Jiahui Yu

Jiahui Yu is an MS-PhD student in electrical and computer engineering, working with the Image Formation and Processing Group. 

Published on Dec. 1, 2017
Jiahui Yu

Name: Jiahui Yu

Year/Major: 2016 MS-PhD student

Hometown: Zhejiang, China

Lab: Image Formation and Processing Group, supervised by Prof. Thomas S. Huang. 

Your research in 30 words or less: My research interest is in artificial intelligence with specific focus on deep learning, reinforcement learning and their applications in computer vision. 

Favorite C-U restaurant: Rainbow Garden

Jiahui recently interned at Adobe and presented his work at the Adobe MAX annual event. He developed "project DeepFill," an image hole-filling technology. It can be used to remove distracting objects, or retouch undesired regions in images to make them nicer. It is based on deep generative neural networks and trained on millions of images. 

Watch his presentation here, and read more about project DeepFill here. 

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