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Thomas and Margaret Huang Award open for applications

Graduate students conducting research in the Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction research theme are invited to apply for the Thomas and Margaret Huang Award. Applications are due March 24.

Published on Jan. 24, 2014

In honor of Thomas and Margaret Huang’s contributions to science, technology, and society, the Thomas and Margaret Huang Fund for Graduate Research was established by the Huang family and their friends and colleagues. The Fund provides awards to graduate students who are conducting research in the Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction (HCII) theme at the Beckman Institute. The Fund is pleased to offer two $3,500 awards in 2014.

Professor Huang is one of the leading figures in computer vision, pattern recognition, and human computer interaction in the world. He has advised more than 100 students during his career that has spanned five decades and three major research universities: MIT, Purdue, and U of I. He has recently stepped down as co-chair of HCII as the longest-serving co-chair at the Beckman Institute.

His accomplishments include winning the 2010 “Most Cited Paper of the Decade Award” from the Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation. He also received the HP Innovation Research Award in 2009 and was named a Swanlund Chair at U of I in 2012.

Submit an application for this award. Applications are due at noon on Monday, March 24.