Conference room capacities and rates

Conference room capacities and rates

Beginning Aug. 16, Beckman will allow the reservation of previously restricted spaces. Based on CDC guidance, faculty, staff, and students are required to wear a face covering or practice social distancing in university spaces.

Each room will contain cleaning solution. Please wipe down the tables before and after your use of the room.

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Fifth-floor tower room

(Room 5269)

Location: South end of the fifth floor
Dimensions: 38 x 38 feet
Cost: $350
Room arrangements:

  • Classroom, seats 42
  • U-shape, seats 21
  • Square, seats 24


  • No screen, projector, or lectern
A photo of the fifth floor tower room at the Beckman Institute.

Second-, third-, and fourth-floor tower rooms

(Rooms 2269, 3269, and 4269)
Location: South end of the second, third, and fourth floor
Dimensions: 38x38 feet
Cost: $150
Room arrangements:

  • Second floor: Theater-style only, seats 40 to promote safe social distancing
  • Third floor: Classroom only, seats 42 (shown at right)
  • Fourth floor: U-shape (seats 24) with wings (seats 12)


  • LCD projectors
  • HDMI connector
  • ADA-compliant lectern with Windows computer
An image of the third floor tower room at the Beckman Institute at UIUC.

Room 5602

Location: North end of fifth floor
Dimensions: 30 x 55 feet
Cost: $350
Room arrangements:

  • U-shape conference style, seats 36
  • Solid conference style, seats 36


  • Single speaker, single wireless-lapel-microphone sound system
  • LCD projector
  • ADA-compliant lectern with Windows computer
  • Built-in coat rack
A photo of room 5602

Room 1005

Location: West end of first floor
Dimensions: 30 x 60 feet
Cost: $300
Room arrangement:

  • Dining or conference rounds, seats 80
  • Classroom, seats 60
  • Theater style, seats 100
  • U-Shape conference style, seats 36
  • Reception area allows 125


  • Projection screen at the east end
  • LCD projector is ceiling mounted, with a video connector for connection to a presenter’s computer
  • Audio from the presenter’s computer or from a lapel microphone can be sent to the ceiling-mounted speakers located throughout the room
  • Connected to video and audio signal in auditorium, making it the auditorium overflow room.
A photo of room 1005

Multimedia Technology Room

(Room 1227)
Location: South end of the first floor
Dimensions: 25 x 27 feet
Cost: $50/hour
Room arrangement:

  • Herringbone style, seats 20
  • U-shape, seats 21


  • State-of-the-art presentation facility for meetings that require advanced videoconferencing or high resolution multi-video-display presentations
  • Perfect for meetings requiring high-end technology not available elsewhere
  • Two 60-inch plasma displays
  • HD projector
  • Polycom HDX offering single and multiple site connectivity using EagleEye intelligent, auto-zooming cameras for a fully automated system
  • Ability to share digital content with remote sites or incorporate live video in presentations
  • Speaker’s lectern has a built-in Windows computer, which can be used for presentations or allows for the connection of one or more laptops, and provides touch panel control of room facilities
A photo of room 1227


(Room 1025)
Location: West end of first floor
Dimensions: Seating: 50 x 50 feet; stage: 14 x 34 feet
Cost: $400/two hours; $125 for each additional hour
Room arrangement:

  • Theater style, seats 230
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed in this room


  • For major lectures and colloquia and as a site of plenary sessions for conferences and workshops
  • Large meeting room (1005) adjacent to the auditorium to host overflow; connected to the audio and video display systems of the auditorium
  • HD, ultra-powerful projector is located in a projection room to the rear of the auditorium.
  • Connectors are provided on the stage to connect to laptops for a variety of needs.
  • Audio console capable of accepting 24 audio inputs and a control room monitoring output
  • Eight wireless microphones, including two handhelds and 6 lavalier microphones. They function anywhere in the auditorium, allowing audience participation.
  • Lectern includes dual wired microphones.
  • Four corner-mounted powered speakers
  • An event that requires recording, uses multiple cameras, or includes streaming should contact an A/V specialist such as the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, which has worked at Beckman frequently. Note that CITL charges fees for its services
A crowd listens to a speaker in the Beckman Auditorium

Room 1003

Location: West end of the first floor
Cost: $50
Room arrangement

  • Solid conference style, seats 12

Equipment: Has a screen but no projector


Beckman Atrium

Location: Just inside the east and tower entrances on the first floor
Cost: $500
Room arrangement

  • Stand-up reception, 200
  • Allows 12 rounds for dining, seats 96
  • Theater-style, seats 100

Equipment: No screen or projector available.

An aerial view of the Beckman Atrium