Learn about I-HELP

Learn about I-HELP

Make your mark on science

Join a group of volunteers who play an important role in science by working as research participants for laboratories based at the University of Illinois.

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Make a difference by contributing to scientific research that is focused on adult development and aging, and pathways to optimize health throughout the lifespan.

Community volunteers are essential to studying:

  • Physical health and fitness
  • Cognitive health and memory
  • Technology's impact on well-being and independence.
  • Activities' contribution to resilience throughout the lifespan
  • And other important topics



Adults ages 21 and older are needed for various research projects. Requirements are unique to each project, but you will be able to choose which project(s) you wish to participate in. You can always decline any particular invitation and retain your position as a I-HELP volunteer.


What to expect

Lab activities vary. Some may require language, attention, or memory tasks. You may be asked to acquire a new skill, engage in physical or mental exercise, or do something related to health management or nutrition.

Scheduling is usually flexible. Many projects require only one visit, which is usually one to three hours. Sometimes you may be asked to do activities at home. Sometimes, research activities can all be completed at home with paper and pencil, or on your computer.

Volunteers are paid for their time. Compensation varies, but rates average about $10 per hour.


Make a difference to science

By helping with our research, you will help us learn about adult development and aging.


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I-HELP contributes to research in:

I-HELP was founded through the generosity of the Beckman Foundation in order to promote basic and translational interdisciplinary research on the nature of aging and healthy development during adulthood.

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Contact us

1634 Beckman Institute
405 N. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL 61801

Phone (office) 217-300-3586