Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Every year, the Beckman Institute offers several postdoctoral fellows programs to support young scientists at the Beckman Institute: the Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows Program, the Beckman-Brown Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellows Program, and the Carle Foundation Hospital-Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows Program (not all fellowships are offered each year).

Arun Maji is this year's Beckman-Brown Postdoctoral Fellow. He is shown with Beckman Founding Director Ted Brown at the institute.

Postdoctoral Fellows are selected for terms of up to three years. Postdoctoral fellows that are currently working at the Beckman Institute are listed below.


2019 Postdoctoral Fellows

Beckman-Brown Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow:

  • Arun Maji

Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Julie Hemmer
  • Michael Jacobs
  • Shachi Mittal
  • Fatemeh Ostadhossein

2018 Postdoctoral Fellows

Beckman-Brown Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow:

  • Jamila Hedhli

Carle Foundation Hospital Beckman Institute Fellows:

  • Aaron Anderson
  • Jianfeng Wang

Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Kevin Clark
  • Ryan Hubbard
  • Matthew Moore
  • Tian "Autumn" Qiu

2017 Postdoctoral Fellows

Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Xing Jiang
  • Michelle Rodrigues
  • Benjamin Zimmerman

Postdoc Fellows