Undergraduate Fellowship recipients

Undergraduate Fellowship recipients

The Beckman Undergraduate Fellows Program offers University of Illinois undergraduate allows up to five promising undergraduates to pursue interdisciplinary research at the Beckman Institute during the summer. Begun in 2016, the program is supported by funding from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. (Application period begins January each year. Application guidelines are online.)

Student does collaborative research with the Beckman Institute.

2019 Undergraduate Fellows

  • José González Abreu
  • Douglas Chan
  • Ilber Manavbasi
  • Ewelina Nowak
  • Masumi Prasad

2018 Undergraduate Fellows

  • Lotanna Ezenekwe
  • Vanessa Kalinowska
  • Madison N. Wilson
  • Chi Zhang

2017 Undergraduate Fellows

  • Yuan Bian
  • Jerome Davis
  • Dongkwan Lee
  • Kang Yong Loh
  • Natalia Wojnowski

2016 Undergraduate Fellows

  • Claire Boyer
  • Xuelin Guo
  • Justin Lien
  • Qing Lin
  • Elliot Young