Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows FAQ

For more information, please see the Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows Application Instructions, or email .

Question: Can I apply even though I have not finished my Ph.D. program?
Answer: Yes, but you must have finished your program before you can start a Postdoctoral Fellow appointment. For example, if you plan to graduate with your Ph.D. on May 15, 2018 and you are selected for our program, you must plan for your start date to be after May 15, and must bring official documentation to prove that you completed your Ph.D. degree.
Question: Do I have to be a US citizen to apply?
Answer: No, you can be a foreign national. But please note that being a Fellow is not a form of employment; see the Postdoctoral Fellows Program Funding page for more details.
Question: What is a “part time or full time” faculty member at Beckman?
Answer: Beckman faculty members are either full-time, part-time, or affiliate members of the Beckman Institute. Full-time faculty members have private offices and their entire research laboratories and students are at Beckman; part-time faculty members have shared offices and some shared laboratory space at Beckman; and affiliates have no space assigned to them. Look up your potential faculty mentors/collaborators on the Beckman website and see if they are annotated as “Part-Time” or “Full-Time”. For example, Professor Gary Dell is a Beckman full-time faculty member as stated on his Beckman Directory page.
Question: What if I want to work with somebody who is not a member of the faculty at the Beckman Institute?
Answer: You are unlikely to be selected as a Fellow if your collaboration is not centered at the Beckman Institute.
Question: How is my application evaluated?
Answer: Applications are rated on a combination of quality of proposed research, interdisciplinarity, and relevance to the research portfolio at the Beckman Institute. For the Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows and Beckman–Brown Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellows Programs, a faculty committee evaluates all applications and recommends a short list to the Beckman Institute Director, who makes the final decisions. For the Carle Foundation Hospital–Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellows Program, the evaluation committee is comprised of a mix of Beckman Institute faculty members and Carle Foundation Hospital personnel.
Question: Can I see an example of a previously successful Postdoctoral Fellowship application?
Answer: No, this is private information that belongs to the applicants.