Imaging Technology Group

DTI muscle render

The primary mission of the Imaging Technology Group is to provide state-of-the-art imaging facilities for researchers.

Below is a brief description of the Beckman Institute's Imaging Technology Group. Continue to their website for the latest updates, facility access, and detailed information.

The Imaging Technology Group (ITG) serves dozens of research groups and hundreds of researchers from the Beckman Institute and nearly every department on campus, providing state-of-the-art microscopy/spectroscopy and image processing/rendering through its Microscopy Suite, in the basement, and Visualization Laboratory, on the fourth floor. Users of each facility are given 24-hour access as well as space to store their data on secure remotely accessible servers. Thus a user who has collected data in the Microscopy Suite may access that data from the Visualization Laboratory, elsewhere in the University, and from home.

Microscopy Suite
The Microscopy Suite offers a wide range of imaging modalities and supporting equipment for the preparation, imaging, and analysis of a variety of biological, materials, and biomaterials specimens. Instrumentation includes stereo zoom dissecting, stereology, fluorescence, confocal, transmission electron, environmental scanning electron, atomic force, and near field scanning optical microscopes; a variety of spectroscopy capabilities (including a sophisticated confocal Raman imaging system); light-scattering particle-sizing systems; and four micro- and nano-XCT instruments. Supporting facilities include a wet laboratory and a cell/tissue culture room. Preparation equipment includes a dual-metal evaporator, critical point dryer, glow-discharge system, sputter coaters, an ultramicrotome, carbon evaporator, low-speed diamond saw, and a fiberoptic/micropipette puller. From the Microscopy Suite web page, please visit the Equipment pages for detailed information, or contact Research staff, who are available for consultation and training.

Visualization Laboratory
The Visualization Laboratory (Vis Lab) exists to augment, enhance, and enable researchers by providing visualization creation and analysis resources that are unparalleled at the University of Illinois. This facility is a centralized resource for a wealth of expertise that impacts the diverse world of research through the visualization of data imagery and creative graphics. The Vis Lab provides a streamlined user experience through training and consultation practices that maximize the effectiveness of each user’s time spent in the facility. The Vis Lab supports a wide variety of visualization research, including 2D and 3D image analysis and quantification, scientific visualization, ultra-high speed video, macro-photography, macro-video, video production, 3D animation, high-resolution 2D scanning, 3D object scanning, research presentation, publication graphics, and additional capabilities in support of imaging. These resources are provided to lab users through a broad range of state-of-the-art hardware and software options.

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