Student Researcher of the Week: Joshua Whiteley

Joshua is a sophomore working in the Chemical Imaging and Structures Lab. 

Name: Joshua Whiteley
Year/Major: I'm going to be a Sophomore in Bioengineering, with the intent on doubling majoring in Psychology.
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Lab: Chemical Imaging and Structures Laboratory (Bioimaging Science and Technology Group)
Your research in 50 words or less: Currently, I'm working towards using Fourier transform (FTIR) spectroscopy data to develop machine learning algorithms to accurately and rapidly identify and differentiate lymphoma subtypes in patients. In the near future, I'll be starting to assist on a project that is working towards developing next generation, three-dimensional cell culturing models.
Favorite C-U restaurant: I'd have to say Destihl is probably my favorite -- although I'll admit I'm much more of a coffee connoisseur than a food fanatic. :)