Torrey M. Loucks




  • 2012
    • Ofori, E.; Holtrop, J. L.; Barbey, A. K.; Sutton, B. P.; Loucks, T. M., Neural Correlates of Manual and Oral Movements in Young and Older Adults. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology 2012, 34, S174-S175.

  • 2011
    • Choo, A. L.; Kraft, S. J.; Olivero, W.; Ambrose, N. G.; Sharma, H.; Chang, S. E.; Loucks, T. M., Corpus Callosum Differences Associated with Persistent Stuttering in Adults. Journal of Communication Disorders 2011, 44, (4), 470-477.

  • 2010
    • Loucks, T. M. J.; Shosted, R. K.; De Nil, L. F.; Poletto, C. J.; King, A., Coordinating Voicing Onset with Articulation: A Potential Role for Sensory Cues in Shaping Phonological Distinctions. Phonetica 2010, 67, (1-2), 47-62.


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