John Wang



  • 4161 Beckman Institute
  • 405 North Mathews Avenue
  • Urbana, Illinois 61801


  • 2016
    • Olivero, W.; Wszalek, T.; Wang, H.; Farahvar, A.; Rieth, S.; Johnson, C., Magnetic Resonance Elastography Demonstrating Low Brain Stiffness in a Patient with Low-Pressure Hydrocephalus: Case Report. Pediatric Neurosurgery 2016, 51, 251-262, DOI:10.1159/000445900.
    • Wang, H.; Kim, M.; Normoyle, K.; Llano, D., Thermal Regulation of the Brain – an Anatomical & Physiological Review for Clinical Neuroscientists. Frontiers in Neuroscience, section Neuroenergetics, Nutrition and Brain Health 2016, 9, 528, DOI:10.3389/fnins.2015.00528.
  • 2015
    • Jackson, K.; Rubin, R.; Van Hoeck, N.; Lana, V.; Wang, H., The Effect of Selective Head-Neck Cooling on Physiological and Cognitive Functions in Healthy Volunteers. Translational Neuroscience 2015, 6, 131-138, DOI:10.1515/tnsci-2015-0012.
    • Normoyle, K.; Kim, M.; Farahvar, A.; Llano, D.; Jackson, K.; Wang, H., The Emerging Neuroprotective Role of Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 2 in Traumatic Brain Injury. Translational Neuroscience 2015, 6, (1), 179-186, DOI:10.1515/tnsci-2015-0019.
  • 2014
    • Zygourakis, C. C.; Vasuvede, V.; Lai, P. M. R.; Kim, A. H.; Wang, H.; Du, R., Transient Pupillary Dilation Following Local Papaverine Application in Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 2014, 22, (4), 676-679, DOI:10.1016/j.jocn.2014.10.016.

    • Wang, H.; Wang, B.; Normoyle, K.; Jackson, K.; Spitler, K.; Sharrock, M. F.; Miller, C.; Best, C.; Ilano, D.; Du, R., Brain Temperature and Its Fundamental Properties: A Review for Clinical Neuroscientists. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Section Systems Biology 2014, DOI:10:3389/fnins.2014.00307.

    • Wang, B.; Normoyle, K.; Farahvar, A.; Olivero, W. C.; Wang, H., Chiari I Malformation with Acute Brain Stem Compression Syndromes Requiring Emergency Neurosurgical Intervention: Report of Two Cases. Journal of Neurological Disorders 2014, 2, 177, DOI:10.4172/2329-6895.1000177.

    • Wang, B.; Moon, S. J.; Olivero, W. C.; Wang, H., Pelvic Pain from a Giant Presacral Tarlov Cyst Successfully Obliterated Using Aneurysm Clips in a Patient with Marfan Syndrome. Journal of Neurosurgery-Spine 2014, 21, (5), 833-836, DOI:10.3171/2014.8.Spine148.

  • 2013
    • Wang, B.; Moon, S. J.; Olivero, W.; Wang, H., Cortical Blindness as a Rare Presentation of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis. Journal of Surgical Case Reports 2013, 5, DOI: 10.1093/jscr/rjt035.

  • 2012
    • Wang, H.; Olivero, W. C.; Elkins, W., Letter to the Editor: Discrete Cerebral Hypothermia in the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Neurosurgery 2012, 116, (5), 1159.

    • Wang, H.; Du, R.; Stary, J.; Gkogkas, C.; Kim, D.; Day, A.; Frerichs, K., Dissecting Aneurysms of the Posterior Cerebral Artery: Current Endovascular/Surgical Evaluation and Treatment Strategies. Neurosurgery 2012, 70, (6), 1581-1588.

    • Wang, B.; Pureza, V.; Wang, H., A Tale of Wünderlich Syndrome. Journal of Surgical Case Reports 2012, 11, DOI: 10.1093/jscr/rjt015.


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