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Matthew B. Wheeler


Primary Affiliation

Computational Imaging


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Home Department of Animal Sciences

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  • Biography

    Matthew B. Wheeler is a professor of biotechnology and developmental biology, director of the Transgenic Livestock Facility, a faculty member in the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology’s Tissue Engineering Group, and an affiliate faculty member in the Beckman Institute Biological Sensors Group. He researches reproductive biology, tissue engineering and stem cells, and holds seven patents in stem cells, gene transfer and transgenic livestock. His research led to the development of 3-D airway splints for infants with tracheobronchomalacia and to bone replacement implants. He earned bachelors and master’s degrees in animal sciences from the University of California-Davis and a doctorate in physiology and biophysics from Colorado State University. Since joining the department of animal sciences in 1989, he has consistently been rated one of its top teachers, and received several awards, including the 1999 D.E. Becker Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Counseling, the 2001 H.H. Mitchell Award for Excellence in Research and Graduate Teaching. He was named a University Scholar in 2002.

  • Honors

    Named University Scholar, University of Illinois, 2002; H.H. Mitchell, Award for Excellence in Research and Graduate Teaching, UIUC (2001); Who's Who Among America's Teachers (2000); D.E. Becker Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Counseling, Department of Animal Sciences, UIUC (1999); Honorary Lifetime Member, Sociedade Brasileira de Transferencia Embrioes (SBTE), Brazilian Embryo Transfer Society (1997).

  • Research

    Dr. Wheeler's current research is in the area of identification of embryo viability using microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems. The primary objectives of this work are (1) to develop prototype micro-scale systems for the handling and evaluation of individual embryos and (2) to demonstrate the use of these systems using animal embryos. The present research is aimed at accomplishing the initial development of technology that will allow study of single cell/embryo biology utilizing integrated embryo transport, culture and analysis systems. In the long term these micro-systems can be applied to cancer cells, plant cells and potentially microorganisms. Ultimately, cells/embryos within the channels may be examined using chemical, electrical or physical assays to determine the health and development. Recently, his group has been involved in development of the first microfluidic methods to manipulate embryos in vitro and analyze embryo viability. The potential of this technology for the handling and manipulation of mammalian gametes and embryos is tremendous. It will revolutionize virtually every aspect of assisted reproductive technologies.

    For quite some time Wheeler has been interested in developing alternative methods to produce transgenic livestock. This interest has resulted in considerable progress in developing methods for producing transgenic swine using porcine embryonic stem cells. Using his methods ES cells have been isolated from diverse breeds of pigs. The development of embryonic stem cells from a non-rodent source should allow an excellent animal model for in vitro cell differentiation, tissue engineering, cell therapy and transgenic production. He recently has been working on adipose-derived stem cells from pigs as models for human adult stem therapy for bone and cartilage tissue engineering.

  • 2018

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