Yan Tang's directory photo.

Yan Tang

Assistant Professor

Primary Affiliation

Illinois Language and Literacy Initiative


Status Part-time Faculty

Home Department of Linguistics

Phone 244-3019


Address 2143 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue

  • Biography

    Yan Tang is an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics. His primary affiliation is Illinois Language and Literacy Initiative. He is also an assistant professor for Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology and Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies.


    • B.Sc., environmental engineering, Chengdu University of Technology, China, 2004

    • M.Sc., environmental chemistry, Sichuan University, China, 2007

    • M.Sc., software systems and internet technology with distinction, University of Sheffield, UK, 2008

    • Ph.D., applied linguistics (computational speech and hearing), Universidad del País Vasco, Spain, 2014

  • Research

    Research Interests:

    • Speech intelligibility enhancement

    • Perceptually-motivated signal processing

    • Computational modelling of speech perception in noise

    • Speech perception and production in non-ideal listening conditions

    • Blind source separation

    • Robust automatic speech recognition

    Yan Tang’s research lies in a wide range on the spectrum of speech and hearing science from speech intelligibility enhancement, computational modelling of the auditory system, and blind source separation to human speech production and perception in non-ideal listening conditions. His current research interests include computational modelling of informational masking in speech perception, speech-noise interactions in the spectro-temporal-modulation domain and their impact on speech understanding, and paralinguistic speech processing using machine learning.

  • 2022

    • Gent, H., Adams, C., Shih, C., & Tang, Y. (2022). Deep Learning for Acoustic Irony Classification in Spontaneous Speech. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH, 2022-September, 3993-3997.
    • Le, G., Shih, C., & Tang, Y. (2022). A Laryngographic Study on the Voice Quality of Northern Vietnamese Tones under the Lombard Effect. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH, 2022-September, 5278-5282.
    • Tang, Y. (2022). The role of glimpses with different energy in speech-in-noise recognition. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2(2).


    • Le, G., Shih, C., & Tang, Y. (2021). Distortion in Tone Production due to the Lombard Effect. Paper presented at 1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation (TAI) 2021, Sonderborg, Denmark.
    • Le, G., Shih, C., & Tang, Y. (2021). Do we change the tone quality spontaneously when speaking in non-ideal conditions?. Abstract from 26th Mid-Continental Phonetics and Phonology Conference, Chicago, Illinois, United States.