Soyoung Choi's directory photo.

Soyoung Choi

Assistant Professor

Primary Affiliation

Cognition, Lifespan Engagement, Aging, and Resilience


Status Affiliate Faculty

Home Department of Health and Kinesiology




  • Biography

    Soyoung Choi is an affiliate faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. Her primary affiliation is cognition, lifespan engagement, aging, and resilience.


    • B.S., nursing, Yonsei University, 2011

    • M.S., nursing, Yonsei University, 2016

    • Ph.D., nursing science, The Pennsylvania State University, 2020

  • Honors
    • 2020: GKNF-USA Ann S. Jhin Scholarship Award, Global Korean Nursing Foundation, USA 

    • 2019: HFSA Nursing Investigator Award, Finalist, Heart Failure Society of America, USA

    • 2018: Fund for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

    • 2016: Seoul Nursing Scholar Award, Seoul Nurses Association, South Korea 

    • 2010: Inducted into STTI as an undergraduate student who demonstrates academic excellence, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing 

    • 2009: Academic Achievement Excellence Award, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

  • Research

    Research areas

    • Designing and implementing mobile health (mHealth) interventions to promote health behaviors among people with visual impairments

    • Investigating the impact of health literacy on health behaviors and outcomes

    • Developing accessible data collection tools for people with visual impairments

    Research interests

    • User Experiences in Mobile Health Apps – From the Perspectives of Older Adults with Visual Impairments

    • A Fitbit-Based Health Intervention for Individuals with Visual Impairments

    • Health Literacy and Health Behaviors of Individuals with Visual Impairments

    Dr. Choi's research focuses on three main areas: (1) designing and implementing mobile health (mHealth) interventions to promote health behaviors among people with visual impairments; (2) investigating the impact of health literacy on health behaviors and outcomes; and (3) developing accessible data collection tools for people with visual impairments.

  • 2023

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