Stanislav Rubakhin's directory photo.

Stanislav Rubakhin

Research Associate Professor

Primary Affiliation

Neurotechnology for Memory and Cognition


Status Research Staff

Home Department of Chemistry

Phone 300 -3827


Address 2251 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue

  • 2023

    • Xie, Y. R., Chari, V. K., Castro, D. C., Grant, R., Rubakhin, S. S., & Sweedler, J. V. (2023). Data-Driven and Machine Learning-Based Framework for Image-Guided Single-Cell Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Proteome Research, 22(2), 491-500.


    • Chan-Andersen, P. C., Romanova, E. V., Rubakhin, S. S., & Sweedler, J. V. (2022). Profiling 26,000 Aplysia californica neurons by single cell mass spectrometry reveals neuronal populations with distinct neuropeptide profiles. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 298(8), [102254].
    • Clark, K. D., Rubakhin, S. S., & Sweedler, J. V. (2022). Characterizing RNA Modifications in Single Neurons using Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2022(182), [e63940].
    • Lee, C. J., Schnieders, J. H., Rubakhin, S. S., Patel, A. V., Liu, C., Naji, A., & Sweedler, J. V. (2022). d-Amino Acids and Classical Neurotransmitters in Healthy and Type 2 Diabetes-Affected Human Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans. Metabolites, 12(9), [799].
    • Rubakhin, S. S., Romanova, E. V., & Sweedler, J. V. (2022). High-Throughput Image-Guided Microprobe Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Single Cells. In Neuromethods (pp. 115-163). (Neuromethods; Vol. 184). Humana Press Inc..