Elena Romanova's directory photo.

Elena Romanova

Research Assistant Professor

Primary Affiliation

Neurotechnology for Memory and Cognition


Status Research Staff

Home Department of Chemistry

Phone 300-1932


Address 2255 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue

  • Biography


    • B.S., biology, Belarusian State University

    • Ph.D., chemistry, University of Illinois, 2005

  • Research

    Overall direction of research is bioanalytical chemistry with emphasis on microanalysis, mass spectrometry and liquid separation techniques for measurement and characterization of biomolecules and/or drugs in nervous and neuroendocrine systems. Specific approaches include but not limited to high throughput peptidomics, direct single cell and tissue chemical profiling by mass spectrometry, differential quantitative assessment of neurochemical changes under pathophysiological conditions or environmental challenges, and mass spectrometry imaging, all with the use of relevant bioinformatics tools. The overarching goal of research is to gain insights into molecular basis of complex physiological responses in various animal models that play critical roles in fundamental or translational research and, respectively, in advancement of human health. 

  • 2022

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