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Jerome Packard


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Illinois Language and Literacy Initiative


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Home Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

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  • Biography

    Jerry Packard is Professor of Chinese, Linguistics and Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Professor Packard received his PhD in linguistics from Cornell University and specializes in Chinese word structure, Chinese psycholinguistics, and Chinese language learning. Professor Packard has performed research on Chinese aphasia and dyslexia, the first-language acquisition of Chinese, and the acquisition of Chinese as a second language. His current research interests include ERP and fMRI analysis of Chinese sentence processing and how children in China learn to read and write. Dr. Packard is the author of numerous publications on the Chinese language, including the books New Approaches to Chinese Word Formation, The Morphology of Chinese and Chinese Children's Reading Acquisition (with W. Li and J. Gaffney). Dr. Packard is also a contributor to Huang, C. and Shi, D. (Eds.). The Cambridge Grammar of the Chinese Language, and Wang, W. S-Y. and Sun, C. (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics.