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Janice M. Juraska


Primary Affiliation

Neurotechnology for Memory and Cognition


Status Affiliate Faculty

Home Department of Psychology

Phone 333-8546



  • Research

    My students and I examine hormonal influences on neuronal structure across the lifespan.  The emphasis is on cognitive parts of the rat brain, such as the cerebral cortex, corpus callosum and hippocampus, and on cognitive behavior.  Our current projects include the neural and behavioral changes during adolescence and puberty; the effects of endocrine disruptors (eg, BPA) during early development and during adolescence; and the effects of hormones and nutrients on the aging brain and behavior. 

  • 2014

    • Sadowski, R. N.; Park, P.; Neese, S. L.; Ferguson, D. C.; Schantz, S. L.; Juraska, J. M., Effects of Perinatal Bisphenol a Exposure During Early Development on Radial Arm Maze Behavior in Adult Male and Female Rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology 2014, 42, 17-24, DOI: 10.1016/Intt.2014.01.002.


    • Markham, J. A.; Herting, M. M.; Luszpak, A. E.; Juraska, J. M.; Greenough, W. T., Myelination of the corpus callosum in male and female rats following complex environment housing during adulthood. Brain Research 2009, 1288, 9-17.