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Callan Luetkemeyer


Assistant Professor

Primary Affiliation

Computational Imaging


Status Affiliate Faculty

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  • Biography

    Callan Luetkemeyer is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering and a faculty affiliate with the Materials Research Lab and Department of Bioengineering. Her primary research area is in image-based biomechanics.


    • Ph.D., mechanical engineering, University of Michigan, 2020

    • M.S., mechanical engineering, University of Michigan, 2016

    • B.S.E., biomedical engineering, Saint Louis University, 2014

  • Honors
    • 2020: Schmidt Science Fellowship

    • 2020: Ivor K. McIvor Award for Excellence in Applied Mechanics Research

    • 2020: Savio L-Y Woo Young Researcher Award

  • Research

    Research interests

    • Soft tissue mechanics and injury

    • Image-based mechanical measurements and modeling

    • Constitutive modeling

    • Structure-function relationships in soft materials

    Research areas

    • Computation and applied math

    • Health and bio

    • Solid mechanics and materials

    Professor Luetkemeyer's research aims to develop non-invasive diagnostic imaging that uses large-scale mechanics to "see" small-scale structure indicative of disease and degeneration. Projects involve image-based mechanical modeling of structure-function relationships in soft tissue injury and endometrial dysfunction.

  • 2023

    • Callan M. Luetkemeyer, Corey P. Neu, Sarah Calve, A method for defining tissue injury criteria reveals that ligament deformation thresholds are multimodal, Acta Biomaterialia, 2023, ISSN 1742-7061,
    • Kaitlin P. McCreery, Callan M. Luetkemeyer, Sarah Calve, Corey P. Neu, Hyperelastic characterization reveals proteoglycans drive the nanoscale strain-stiffening response in hyaline cartilage, Journal of Biomechanics, Volume 146, 2023, 111397, ISSN 0021-9290,


    • Callan M. Luetkemeyer, Ulrich Scheven, Jonathan B. Estrada, Ellen M. Arruda, Constitutive modeling of the anterior cruciate ligament bundles and patellar tendon with full-field methods, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Volume 156, 2021, 104577, ISSN 0022-5096,


    • Callan M. Luetkemeyer, Ryan A. Rosario, Jonathan B. Estrada, Ellen M. Arruda, Fiber splay precludes the direct identification of ligament material properties: Implications for ACL graft selection, Journal of Biomechanics, Volume 113, 2020, 110104, ISSN 0021-9290,
    • Estrada, J., Luetkemeyer, C., Scheven, U. et al. MR-u: Material Characterization Using 3D Displacement-Encoded Magnetic Resonance and the Virtual Fields Method. Exp Mech 60, 907–924 (2020).