Aleksei Aksimentiev's directory photo.

Aleksei Aksimentiev


Primary Affiliation

Theoretical and Computational Biophysics


Status Part-time Faculty

Home Department of Physics

Phone 333-6495


Address 3065 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue

  • Biography

    Professor Aksimentiev is a professor in the Department of Physics and an affiliate faculty member of Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology. He received postdoctoral training at the Materials Science Laboratory R&D Center of Mitsui Chemicals, Tokyo, Japan, from 1999 to 2001, when he joined the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois as a postdoctoral research associate. He accepted the position of assistant professor of physics at Illinois in 2005.


    • M.S., particle physics, Franko Lviv State University, 1996
    • Ph.D., chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, 1999
  • Honors
    • 2015-2016: National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
    • 2015: Dean's Award for Excellence in Research 
    • 2014: Blue Waters Professorship 
    • 2010: NSF CAREER Award 
    • 2009-2010: Beckman Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies 
    • 2008: IBM Faculty Fellow Award 
  • Research

    Imagine assembling a few thousand marbles into a machine capable of transforming the energy of an electric field into mechanical torque at nearly 100% efficiency and lasting ten million cycles. Although marbles are not atoms, Nature has done exactly that, assembling carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen atoms into remarkable nanomachines. And while Nature took billions of years to transform primordial dirt into the molecular motors that power living cells, the atoms comprising present-day bio machines are no different from those found in common inorganic compounds, and they obey the same laws of physics that enable the machines' amazing properties. Understanding how the remarkable functionality of biological nanomachines comes about from the spatial arrangement of their atoms and using this knowledge to design synthetic systems that exceed in the performance of their biological counterparts is the focus of this group's research program. Which includes four key themes:

    • Nanopore systems for single molecule detection and manipulation

    • Molecular mechanics of DNA processing machinery

    • The physics of DNA assemblies

    • Synthetic molecular systems

  • 2016

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