Digital Sign Advertising at Beckman Institute

The Beckman Institute has a number of digital signs that advertise events held at the Institute, the University of Illinois, and throughout the community. Events advertised should have a broad appeal to faculty, staff, and students.

Digital ads appear on a rotating basis throughout the day.

The Beckman Institute has the right to refuse a digital ad. We request that ads follow the guidelines below:

  • Please submit your ad using our Digital Ad Upload Form three days before the first date you would like it to appear. Please include the start and end dates for your advertisement.
  • Digital Sign Ad size: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels tall at 96 dpi.
  • Format: High-quality JPEG files with a .jpg filename extension
  • Content: Less text is better for a digital ad. Please consider accessibility standards: a high contrast between the background and the text color is preferable. Stronger, thicker lettering is easier to read.

Upload your digital ad artwork using our Digital Ad Upload Form.

Need help with advertising at Beckman?
If you have any questions please contact the Communications Office.