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Get To Know Beckman: Shawna Graddy

Meet Shawna Graddy, the Beckman Institute's associate director for administration.
Published on Dec. 2, 2022

Dressed in cold-weather clothing, including winter boots and a long magenta scarf, Shawna Graddy enjoys a snowy forest landscape.Shawna Graddy, the associate director for administration at the Beckman Institute.Meet Shawna Graddy, who joined the Beckman Institute this summer as the associate director for administration.

Describe your role at the Beckman Institute.

While I’m still learning my role, I’d say first and foremost my role is to facilitate the success of everyone within Beckman. My position touches many of the support functions, and I have the pleasure of working with the experts in each area solving problems and helping to continue Beckman’s success.

What is something that people might not know about your position?

A lot of thought and conversation goes into every decision that is made. The connectedness of Beckman requires a deeper look to ensure a simple decision doesn’t impact a seemingly unrelated area in a negative way.

What are you proudest of?

I’m proud to have graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and for my service as an Airfield Operations Flight Commander for six years. I also like to brag about my grandfather who won a gold medal in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics for men’s basketball.

Outside of your professional experience, what are you an expert in?

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I played for four years and coached for one year of Division I basketball, so I have lots of experience on and around the court.

When and where are your happiest?

I’m happiest when I am with my family. I love watching my kids participate in activities they are passionate about.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

Tea Leoni’s character, Elizabeth McCord, from "Madam Secretary."

Who is your hero in real life?

My grandfather. He inspired me to play basketball and pursue being an engineer.

What is your personal motto?

Always do your best and never give up.

What is your favorite winter activity?

I enjoy bundling up and going for a long walk or hike. However, that doesn’t happen very often, so it is attending my son’s basketball and daughter’s volleyball games.

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