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Sottos, Moore elected as new CAS Professors

Nancy Sottos and Jeff Moore have been elected as new CAS Professors.
Published on July 31, 2020

Two Beckman faculty members were elected as new Center for Advanced Study Professors: Jeff Moore, the director of the Beckman Institute and an Ikenberry Endowed Chair in the Department of Chemistry, and Nancy Sottos, a Maybelle Leland Swanlund Chair and head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. She leads the Autonomous Materials Systems Group at Beckman.

CAS Professors are permanent members of the center, selected from the faculty on the basis of their outstanding scholarship. These appointments are among the highest forms of campus recognition.

Moore's lab studies the intersection between chemistry and mechanics, testing the mechanophore hypothesis, which states that force drives chemical change in selective and productive ways. Sottos' research group specializes in meso-scale characterization of deformation and failure in complex, heterogeneous material systems ranging from advanced composites to integrated thin film devices.

More information and a list of all campus recipients is available online.

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