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Researchers tackle augmented listening research one microphone at a time

Led by graduate student Ryan Corey and his adviser Andrew Singer, researchers at the Coordinated Science Lab are working to make hearing aids, smart headphones and all listening devices work better by collecting data on sound.
Published on February 26, 2020


Listening technology has come a long way, but researchers at the Coordinated Science Lab are working to push hearing devices in a new direction that will aid those with hearing loss as well as those who could benefit from hearing the world more clearly.

Because most existing devices only use two microphones, the team is developing the first-of-its kind wearable microphone impulse response data set that was presented last summer at the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing.

The data is unique because it includes up to 80 microphones, demonstrating how sound is heard on different parts of the body.

Led by CSL graduate student Ryan Corey, the team also includes Corey’s adviser, Andrew Singer, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and an affiliate of the Beckman Institute.

More information about the team’s research is online, “CSL research team introduces unique wearable audio data set.”

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