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Student Researcher Spotlight: Alison Wallum

Alison is a graduate student in chemistry who works with Beckman researchers Joseph Lyding and Martin Gruebele. 

Published on July 1, 2019

Student Researcher Spotlight: Alison Wallum 



2nd year graduate student in chemistry
La Quinta, California
Gruebele and Lyding Groups
Your research in 50 words or less:

My research surrounds imaging excited states of nanomaterials using laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscopy. Our previous work has focused on investigating excited state properties of materials including quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, while a more recent collaboration with the Badding group allows us to explore excited state features of carbon nanothreads.


What are your hobbies?
Hiking (or anything outdoors), Volleyball, Reading, Cooking, and Music
Favorite C-U restaurant: 
Watson's Shack and Rail


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