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Student Researcher of the Week: Noah Trebesch

Noah Trebesch is a graduate student and a member of the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group. 

Published on Nov. 8, 2018
Name: Noah Trebesch
Year/Major: Fifth-year Ph.D. student in Biophysics and Quantitative Biology
Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota
Lab: Emad Tajkhorshid
Your research in 50 words or less: Project 1: I am developing tools to enable molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of multibillion atom cell-scale membranes with experimentally-derived geometries and lipid compositions. Project 2: I am utilizing an array of specialized MD-based techniques to structurally elucidate and thermodynamically characterize the full mechanistic cycles of proteins called membrane transporters.
Favorite C-U restaurant: Black Dog Smoke & Ale House

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