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Get to Know Beckman: Paloma Pearson

Paloma manages programs for graduate and high school students at Beckman. She also works with Dr. Rohit Bhargava's lab and the Cancer Center. 

Published on Aug. 6, 2018

Explain your job in 50 words or less: I manage two programs, one for graduate and the other for high school students, as well as serve as a liaison for any of Dr. Rohit Bhargava’s lab and Cancer Center needs. I am able to do a little bit of everything, which is fun and challenging.

How long have you worked at Beckman? Approximately 2 years; I started in October 2016.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to paint with both watercolors and acrylics, play with my  two kitties, read, and play Pokémon Go – yes, it’s still a thing.

What excites you about Beckman? Collaborating and working with amazing people in such a beautiful building. Although, I can’t deny I’m excited to see the new Beckman and Cancer Center space set-up!

Favorite place to eat in the C-U area: Farren’s Pub & Eatery. Those potato truffle chips are the greatest!

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