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Student Researcher of the Week: Amanda Henderson

Amanda Henderson is a third-year MFA student, working with Deana McDonagh as Beckman's Designer-in-Residence. 

Published on Feb. 23, 2018
Amanda Henderson

Name: Amanda Henderson

Year/Major: MFA Industrial Design, 3rd year 

Hometown: Millersville, PA

Lab/Position: Beckman Institute Designer-in-Residence 

Your research in 30 words or less:  My current research focuses on how designed forms change perception of a spatial environment. The goal of this research is to use designed forms to create spaces that allow people to feel comfortable and knowledgeable interacting with their surroundings.

Favorite C-U restaurant: Sakanaya or Fiesta Cafe

Amanda Henderson is pictured here with furniture prototypes in the Beckman Atrium. 

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