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Student Researcher of the Week: Richard Bido-Medina

Richard is a 4th-year Neuroscience student working in the CONNECT lab under Dr. Sepideh Sadaghiani. 

Published on Sept. 15, 2017
Richard O. Bido-Medina

Name: Richard O. Bido-Medina

Year/Major: fourth-year Ph.D. student, Neuroscience

Hometown: Villa Tapia, Dominican Republic

Lab: Control and Network Connectivity Team  (CONNECT Lab)/ Principal Investigator: Dr. Sepideh Sadaghiani

Your research in 30 words or less: In my research, I use different behavioral (e.g., clinical, neuropsychological testing) and neuroimaging techniques (e.g., fMRI, EEG) in order to understand the underlying neural mechanisms of psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety) as well as different neurological disorders (e.g., stroke, Zika-virus infection).

Favorite C-U restaurant: DESTIHL Restaurant

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