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Beckman undergrads to present at undergraduate research symposium

Several Beckman undergraduate researchers are featured in this year’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), the signature event Undergraduate Research Week, April 13-18.

Published on April 15, 2014

The URS is a celebration of student excellence in research across campus, hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research. These projects reflect not only the work of undergraduate students, but the ongoing commitment of the faculty in supporting and expanding undergraduate research opportunities on campus. 

A host of symposiums will be housed in various buildings across campus over the week. A list of Beckman undergraduate researchers who will be presenting is detailed below, or download the complete schedule

Beckman Undergraduate Presentations

Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Anastasiya Bagrova, Senior, Chemistry
“Semantic and Syntactic Processing in Russian: ERP Investigation of N400 and P600 Components”

Faith Bradley, Junior, Bioengineering
"Effects of Fatigue and Load Carriage on Firefighter Gait"

Jason Ginzkey, Freshman, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ana Tinoco Martinez, Sophomore, Molecular and Cellular Biology
“Nutrient Biomarker Patterns, Cognitive Function, and MRI Measures of Brain Aging”

Rachel Hopman, Senior, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Group
“Defining Shifting and Dividing Attention in Older Adults”

Alexander Senetar, Senior, Neuroscience
“Electrophysiological Responses to Differences in Speaking Rate”

Agnes Strojewska, Senior, Psychology
“Using Eye Tracking to Analyze Effects of Word Expectancy and Sentential Constraint of Natural Reading”

Lu Ye, Senior, Psychology
“Individual Differences in Binocular Rivalry"

NeuroTech Group

Khristian Bersamin, Senior, Psychology
“High Maternal Prepregnancy BMI Negatively Affects Visual Recognition Memory in Infants”

Paula Bucko, Senior, Individual Plan of Study
“A Single PD7 Alcohol Binge May Be Sufficient to Cause Reductions in the Survival of Newly Generated Hippocampal Neurons”

Stephen Fleming, Senior, Psychology
“Developmental Neocortical Vasculature Abnormalities in a Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome”

Ashley Holloway, Senior, Independent Plan of Study
“Abolishment of Conditioned Place Preference for Cocaine as a Result of Voluntary Exercise Is Independent of New Neurons”

Bioimaging Science and Technology Group

Zita Hubler, Senior, Bioengineering
“Automatic Thickness Measurement of Tympanic Membrane for Improved Diagnosis of Otitis Media”

Anthony Shvets, Junior, Electrical Engineering
“Low-Cost OCT System”

3D Micro- and Nanosystems Group

Jonas Kurniawan, Junior, Materials Science and Engineering
“Advanced Micofabrication Techniques for Electronically Instrumented Interventional Surgical Tool”

Autonomous Materials Systems Group

Andrew Chancellor, Senior, Chemistry
“Self-Healing Capability of Ionic Molecular Glass”

Human Perception and Performance Group

Zach Greenlee, Senior, Psychology
“Consonant Harmony and Memory”