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Space swap of Beckman facilities nears completion

As a large magnet was moved into place in October, the year-long facilities swap between the Biomedical Imaging Center and the Illinois Simulator Laboratory neared completion.

Published on Dec. 8, 2009

With one final push, the move of the Biomedical Imaging Center’s instruments from their former location on south campus into the Beckman Institute basement was complete.

On Oct. 12th, the Biomedical Imaging Center’s 3T Allegra Headscanner magnet was lifted and lowered, and pushed and pulled into the spot reserved for it ever since a swap of the Beckman service facility with its sister facility, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory, was begun more than a year ago. The swap included moving all of the equipment and personnel from BIC’s building on south campus to Beckman, while simultaneously moving ISL’s equipment and personnel from Beckman to what had been BIC’s building. The two units shared office and instrument space in the former BIC building for several months.

The swap and renovation work at both facilities included a new acquisition for BIC with a Trio whole-body scanner installed in the basement in July. More acquisitions to Beckman’s magnetic resonance imaging facility are expected in the near future. In addition, remodeling was done in room 1215 at Beckman to add mock magnets for subject preparation and to create office space for BIC personnel.

The final piece of the swap will be completed with the move of the ISL’s driving simulator into the south campus building.