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Boppart named Fellow of SPIE

Beckman Institute faculty member Stephen Boppart has been chosen as a Fellow of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.

Published on Feb. 12, 2009

Boppart was one of 59 SPIE members honored with the distinction of Fellow for what the SPIE says is the Fellows’ “outstanding contributions and service to the international optics community.”

Boppart leads the Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory at the Beckman Institute and is a full-time faculty member in the Bioimaging Science and Technology group (BST). He also is Co-chair for the Integrative Imaging research theme at Beckman and the lead person for the campus-wide Imaging Initiative.

The SPIE Web site says it is “an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.” Boppart’s research focus is on biophotonics and optical imaging, with clinical research in novel medical technologies, including using optical coherence tomography for future medical applications.

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