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Fabiani elected president of society

Beckman Institute researcher Monica Fabiani has been elected as President of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, considered one of the top professional organizations in the field of psychology.

Published on Nov. 3, 2006

Fabiani, co-chair of Beckman's Biological Intelligence research initiative, was elected at the organization's meeting Oct. 25-29 in Vancouver, Canada.

Fabiani joins a number of other University of Illinois faculty members who have earned this distinction, including Beckman researcher Gregory Miller.

"Monica's election is particularly impressive because it has come at a relatively young age, which reflects how widely recognized and respected her work has been," Miller said. "This is a great honor for Monica, the Department of Psychology, the Neuroscience Program, the Beckman Institute including its Biomedical Imaging Center, and the campus."

Miller said Illinois has contributed more presidents than any other university to the 46-year-old Society, which he said is "the most prominent in the world in psychophysiology and highly respected across the whole range of psychology."

Fabiani is a member of Beckman's Cognitive Neuroscience group whose research focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of human memory and aging, while developing tools for the non-invasive mapping of human brain function. She is a former student of two past presidents from the U of I, Manny Donchin and Mike Coles.

The Society's Web site says it is an "international society that fosters research relating psychology and physiology." It's journal, Psychophysiology, reports on new theoretical, empirical and methodological advances in psychology and psychiatry, cognitive science, cognitive and affective neuroscience, social science, health science and behavioral medicine, and biomedical engineering.

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