Klaus Schulten Memorial Symposium - Session 2

Honoring the life and career of Dr. Klaus Schulten, professor of physics and leader in the field of computational biophysics, the symposium took place at the Beckman Institute on November 7-9, 2017. **SESSION 2** [00:01-04:24] Attila Szabo, National Institutes of Health (Chair) [04:24-50:32] "Cryo-electron Tomography or the Challenge of Doing Structural Biology in situ" Wolfgang Baumeister, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry [50:32-1:30:33] "Using Computer Simulations to Advance our Understanding of Biological Systems at the Atomic Level" Benoit Roux, University of Chicago "Proton-coupled Electron Transfer in Enzymes and Photoreceptor Proteins" Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, University of Illinois (Removed at presenter's request) [1:30:45-1:36:21] Video: Biophysical Society Interview [1:36:53-2:13:40] "Klaus' Computational Microscope Applied to Harvesting, Transfer, and Trapping Solar Energy for Photosynthesis" Neil Hunter, University of Sheffield [2:13:44-2:47:55] "Reaction Paths, Stochastic Modeling, and the Mean First Passage Time" Ron Elber, University of Texas at Austin [2:48:45-3:27:36] "Capturing Biological Membranes and Membrane Proteins in Action Using Advanced Simulation Technologies" Emad Tajkhorshid, University of Illinois [3:27:48-3:37:41] "Closing Remarks" Theodore 'Ted' Brown, Founding Director of the Beckman Institute, University of Illinois For more information, please visit go.illinois.edu/schulten
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