Concussion: Using Cooling Helmets to Combat Brain Injuries in College Football

Former football player Kevin Jackson uses brain cooling technology in the hopes of reducing the effects of traumatic brain injuries and sports-related concussions. Jackson was a running back for the University of Illinois from 1990-1994. In addition to suffering a number of injuries to his body during his playing days, Jackson also suffered a number of un-diagnosed concussions. Now a research scientist and injury spotter, Jackson uses his experience as a player to help him understand and combat brain trauma in sports. This video illustrates the chain of events that occur when a traumatic brain injury happens, explores how concussion symptoms very from person to person, highlights the need to protect oneself from repeated head traumas, and shows how using cooling technologies might aide in recovery from injury. To learn more about this research, please visit...
  • Date Added:   01/28/16
  • Author:   BeckmanInstitute
  • Length:   00:07:49
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