A Chemical Soup: Children's Brains and Environmental Contaminants

Professor Susan Schantz and her colleagues at Illinois are studying infants and their mothers to determine whether prenatal exposure to phthalates and other common chemicals leads to changes in their brain or behavior. This research, along with parallel studies in older children and animals, is a primary focus of the Children’s Environmental Health Research Center at Illinois, which Schantz directs (http://ikids.beckman.illinois.edu). Schantz is also a collaborator on Project TENDR, a group of dozens of scientists, health practitioners, and children’s health advocates who are calling for renewed attention to the growing evidence that many common and widely available chemicals endanger neurodevelopment in fetuses and children of all ages. For more information, please visit http://projecttendr.com. Schantz is a faculty member in the College of Veterinary Medicine and a member of the Neurotech group at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the U. of I.
  • Date Added:   06/27/16
  • Author:   BeckmanInstitute
  • Length:   00:06:06
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