Senior Olympian: 93-Year-Old Track Star Shows Physical & Mental Fitness

Born in 1919, Olga Kotelko was one of the most successful track & field athletes in history -- with more than 750 gold medals in her age category and 30 world records to her name. What makes her accomplishments even more impressive was that she didn't start her athletic career until she was 77-years-old. As an elite senior athlete, she also participated in a number of scientific studies trying to decipher how her body had resisted the physical declines that most people experience with age. In 2012, Olga visited the Beckman Institute and enlisted the help of neuroscientist Art Kramer and his colleagues to see what shape her brain was in. Though Olga passed away in 2014, at the age of 95, her legacy as one of the world's greatest athletes lives on.
  • Date Added:   07/27/12
  • Author:   BeckmanInstitute
  • Length:   00:08:31
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