Molecular Design and Engineering

A microscopic triptych.

Group Leader: Charles Schroeder

The Molecular Design and Engineering (MDE) group focuses on experimentally building new molecular materials with defined structures and unique chemical, physical, or electronic properties for advanced functionality. MDE is a highly interdisciplinary group that aims to create precisely defined molecules and to study their collective interactions in order to understand and control emergent properties at the macroscopic scale. Fundamental concepts in molecular design extend from the level of individual molecules to supramolecular assemblies and larger structures such as colloids, vesicles, gels, or condensed phases. The MDE group brings together scientists and engineers who work seamlessly across traditional fields such as chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, materials science, and bioengineering, while also interfacing closely with theorists and computational researchers at Beckman. Broadly, the MDE group aims to understand how the emergent properties of complex systems arise, and further how new functional materials can be created by tuning molecular-scale interactions.