Radio-Opto-Nano (RON)

Group Leaderss: Jianjun Cheng, Ling J. Meng

The Radio-Opto-Nano (RON) working group focused on the interface between radiological sciences, optical techniques, and nanomaterials. The central theme of our research is to combine penetrative ionizing radiation and radio-reactive nanomaterials to introduce precisely controlled physical, chemical, and biological interactions in deep tissue, which can enhance the efficacy and specificity of radiotherapy, and, more generally, allow noninvasive manipulation of cellular, molecular functions. We develop cutting-edge nuclear (SPECT and PET) and functional X-ray imaging (X-ray fluorescence CT, X-ray luminescence CT) techniques for quantitative assessment of radio-induced drug activation/excitation and therapeutic delivery processes within deep tissue.

The RON group is built on our distinct strengths in advanced radiological imaging instrumentation, functional nanomaterials and drug delivery strategies, well-established animal models, and state-of-art experimental setup (for example, the College of Veterinary Medicine Siemens TrueBeam radiotherapy suite and the Functional X-ray Imaging Lab [FXIL]) to facilitate translational research that brings advanced radio-induced therapeutic and intervention strategies from benchtop into clinical settings.