Carle Neuroscience Institute Undergraduate Awardees

2017 Recipients

Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy is studying engineering physics with a concentration in neuroscience. She will work with members of the Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Intelligent Behavior Group including Daniel Llano, an assistant professor of molecular and integrative physiology, and Justin Rhodes, an associate professor of psychology. Her research proposal is titled "A Method for Mapping Mouse Brain Metabolism and its Sensitivity to Aging."

Laura Pritschet Laura Pritschet is studying behavioral neuroscience. Her research, "Dynamic Changes in Perception and Oscillatory Spectral Analysis," will be supervised by Sepideh Sadaghiani, an assistant professor of psychology who is a member of the Intelligence, Learning, and Plasticity Group.

2016 Recipients

Misha Ahmad
Misha Ahmad has a double major in psychology and global studies, with an emphasis on global health. Under the direction of Ryan Dilger, assistant professor of animal sciences and director of the Piglet Nutrition and Cognition Laboratory, she plans to develop procedures to perform immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.

Nhan Huynh
Nhan Huynh is a senior in molecular and cellular biology with a minor in electrical and computer engineering. He works in the lab of Dan Llano, assistant professor in medical molecular and integrative physiology, investigating the massive set of projections that the auditory cortex (AC) sends to the inferior colliculus (IC) in order to study the neural pathways of information processing and create devices that can exploit the innate circuitry of the brain.

2015 Recipients

Emily Cullum
Emily is a junior bioengineering student and a Chancellor's Scholar in the Campus Honors Program. As a research assistant in the lab of Sua Myong, she uses single-molecule fluorescence microscopy to examine DNA structures to elucidate possible genetic causes of cancer.

Emily Matijevich
Emily is an undergraduate research assistant in Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler's lab, in the Artificial Intelligence Group, where she investigates the use of a pneumatically powered ankle foot orthosis to restore a normal walking gait in patients with multiple sclerosis or ankle injury. She is pursuing a degree in bioengineering with a biomechanics concentration.