Illinois Simulator Laboratory

Man sits behind flight controls as he looks at the simulator screen displaying a horizon.

The Illinois Simulator Laboratory is a Beckman Institute facility for advancing scientific understanding of human-computer interactions.

Director: Hank Kaczmarski
Manager: Debbie Carrier

As an Institute-wide facility, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory uses its expertise in the integration of advanced visualization, sonification, and interface technologies to enable researchers to conduct experiments in human multi-modal perception and cognition, cognitive and motor development, and multi-dimensional dataset visualization.

The primary mission of the Illinois Simulator Laboratory is to support the integration of advanced technologies so that Institute researchers can conduct experiments in human multi-modal perception and cognition. To facilitate this mission, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory maintains discrete laboratories allowing the incorporation of individualized multimodal control and monitoring technologies into advanced visualization environments, both immersive and ultra-high resolution. In fulfilling that mission, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory has become a world-recognized leader in creating and applying pc cluster-based computer technologies to graphics-intensive applications. As a core facility of the Beckman Institute, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory provides fertile environments for interdisciplinary research across the four Main Research Themes.